The business case for stakeholder capitalism.

Paul Polman – Founder & Chair, IMAGINE
Covid hasn’t changed the issues we all face, just added urgency. More of us now understand the complexities of our system and it’s time for business leaders to step up and act with courage to create momentum for the opportunities that lie ahead.

Regenerative neurology - The future

Siddharthan Chandran
Disorders of the ageing brain are a major public health threat. Now disruptive technologies including stem cell creation are offering opportunities to accelerate the discovery of new medicines and we are on the cusp of a revolution for regenerative.

Bring back the Green Cross Code.

Rory Sutherland
There are three levers for behavioural change typically employed by government. Legislation, economic incentives and voluntary persuasion. The third is used less than ever before. Rory tells us why we should try persuasion first.

Can democracy bridge the generation divide?

David Runciman
Democratic politics increasingly sets older voters against younger ones. Here, David explores the causes of intergenerational conflict and what it means for the future of democracy.

2019 Introduction: Roger Weatherby, CEO Weatherbys

Creating The Future 2019

Our second event, Creating the Future 2019, had three areas of focus, Climate change, democracy and advances in neuroscience and technology.