About Creating The Future

Creating The Future was launched in 2018 by Weatherbys and explores some of the world’s most challenging and exciting issues: how to bring an end to conflict, the future of money, artificial intelligence, education, regenerative medicine, biodiversity loss, climate change and pollution. The Creating The Future initiative includes conferences, Future Forums, blogs and insights from leading minds across the world, giving us the opportunity to not only listen and learn but also raise our concerns and join the debate.

A note from Roger Weatherby

The germ of an idea for Creating The Future formed back in 2017, was to bring experts together from a range of fields to talk not only about the challenges we and our families will face in the future, but in particular to learn about approaches and technologies that are emerging to help us face these challenges.

The idea which developed into our first conference in 2018, still holds true today. So, if we learn something new and of interest from Creating The Future, then it will be a success. If some of us are so enthused that we decide to explore the subject further, or do something different, then we would be delighted; and if a handful of you are so inspired you actively get involved then that would be fantastic. I don’t expect us to agree wholeheartedly with everything our speakers or collaborators say – in fact I’d be a bit disappointed if we did but I hope it makes for interesting discussion and healthy debate.

About Weatherbys

Founded in 1770, Weatherbys is a family run business that has evolved over the last 250 years to become a group of companies which include Weatherbys Private Bank and Weatherbys Racing Bank.

Our business is founded on relationships, and we are focussed on providing exceptional levels of personal service. As a team we not only anticipate our clients’ needs, but aim to surpass their individual expectations. Our values of being trustworthy, forward looking and acting with integrity underpin everything we do.

Weatherbys has a long tradition of giving back to society and we have a commitment to support our staff in engaging with their communities and charities. This social awareness is present throughout the business, from our employees to our clients, our professional connections and the suppliers we use. Our contribution through the commitment of our people continues to improve lives and build communities.

In order to achieve our goals, we recognise that we need to operate in a sustainable manner and have therefore adopted core principles in our business operations that provide a framework for both managing risk and maintaining our position as a good ‘corporate citizen’.

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