Creating The Future

Creating The Future explores some of the world’s most challenging and exciting issues: how to bring an end to conflict, the future of money, artificial intelligence, education, regenerative medicine, biodiversity loss, climate change and pollution.

At Weatherbys Private Bank we believe that we hold an important role, not only as a trusted adviser to our clients, but also in the corporate social responsibility space. Our flagship conference, and a series of smaller events, have been stimulating discussion since 2018 about the pivotal issues affecting future generations in years to come.


Scaling up marine habitat restoration.

Danny Renton – Seawilding
95% of seagrass meadows have disappeared from UK coastal waters. Seawilding, is an innovative community-led native oyster and seagrass restoration project which aims to restore lost biodiversity, sequester carbon and create green jobs.

Creativity: The future.

Joe Murphy, Joe Robertson & Majid Adin – Good Chance Part 1
Joe and Joe are British playwrights and the co-founding Artistic Directors of Good Chance Theatre, using the power of theatre to change lives and minds.

Dare to dream, organise to deliver.

Sir Tim Smit – Eden Project
There has never been a better time to be alive. Dare to dream, says Tim Smit, the inspirational Dutch-born British businessman who co-founded the Eden Project and do not believe all you read in the papers.
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