It’s not you, it’s the food!

Dr Chris van Tulleken - NHS/BBC
The harms and dangers of ultra-processed food, are taking over as the leading cause of obesity and ill-health. Dr Chris detects the lies and misinformation given by the food industry, making us question the truth of our ‘healthy’ choices.

A new paradigm for youth mental health.

Tom Osborne – Shamiri Institute
The mental health crisis is a pressing global concern. From Britain to Kenya, traditional resources have often fallen short and there is an urgent need for innovative, evidence-based, and scalable solutions.

The space race of the 21st century.

Mark Stevenson and Marta Krupinska - CUR8
Think reducing carbon emissions will save the planet? You may want to think again. Mark Stevenson and Marta Krupinska from Cur8 believe that only a new global industry that removes carbon from the atmosphere completely will save us.

Here comes everyone.

Jamie Kelsey-Fry and Claire Mellier - Global Assembly
There is nothing to be gained by saying we warned you. Democracy needs to change. As the idea of citizens’ assemblies and sortition begins to grow in popularity, we examine the remarkable potential for these systems.  

AI innovation and deepfake disruption.

Henry Ajder - Latent Space
Artificial intelligence is heralding a new era for tech and the world. In the presence of increasing accessibility, efficiency and realism of synthetic media, we are invited into a sphere of scepticism over what is really real. 

Why Privacy is power.

Carrisa Véliz - University of Oxford
Data privacy is more important than ever. Data is power. In the wrong hands it can be manipulated, interpreted and published without your consent.