Mrs Kathryn Pinkham

Founder, The Insomnia Clinic

Kathryn Pinkham is the founder of The Insomnia Clinic, one of the UK’s only specialist insomnia services. Kathryn developed the highly acclaimed Sleep Well, Live Better course which has helped over 3000 people cure their insomnia or simply improve their sleep. The Insomnia Clinic trains and provides a network of qualified, insomnia specialists who are experts at working with people who suffer with poor sleep. The Insomnia Clinic offers Zoom sessions so you can access the right expertise from wherever you are in the world. The Insomnia Clinic offers treatment to adults, children and to companies who want to reduce absenteeism in the workplace. The approach is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for insomnia (CBT-i), the recommended treatment for poor sleep, to help people to change and improve sleep patterns and manage anxiety around sleep.