Jamie Kelsey-Fry

Co Founder, Global Assembly

Jamie Kelsey-Fry was a secondary school teacher for 25 years in some of the most deprived areas of London. In 2009 he wrote the Rax Active Citizenship GCSE textbook (Called “excellent” and given 10 out of 10 by the Times Educational Supplement) and left teaching to…. be a more active citizen.

He has been a key character in some of the leading peaceful movements for change in the past two decades including Occupy and Extinction Rebellion.

He is now focused on the growing global movement that identifies the crisis in democracy as the fundamental crisis to address before all others. In this capacity, he has worked with the world leaders in these new governance infrastructures and in 2020 he was part of the small team that founded the world’s first global citizens’ assembly.

He is a well-known news commentator with over 200 appearances on mainstream shows, an award-winning community organiser, a “ground-breaking” youth empowerment leader, he wrote two short films (‘Occasional Strong’ starring Daniel Craig and ‘Nothing’ starring Liam Cunningham) and has lived in the same east end estate for the past 25 years where the resident’s association he started has become a model for the borough.