Good Chance

We use the power of theatre to change lives and change minds. With displaced artists centre stage, we bring people together through theatre and art to create surprising stories that spark new conversations and encourage action on issues of migration, climate crisis and polarisation.   

We’re theatre makers who create powerful and provoking work, connect communities through art, through surprise, through spectacle, and develop artists who have been displaced. In a world of entrenching polarisation, we create art that shatters stereotypes and inspires connection. You might know us from our multi-award-winning plays, The Jungle, or The Walk with Little Amal, a giant piece of outdoor puppetry theatre that travelled from Turkey, across Europe, to Manchester in 2021. 

As the world struggles to respond to international politics, the movement of people and the climate crisis, and grapples with polarisation and new technologies, people feel increasingly atomised and bordered in their countries, towns and societies. There is an innate need for safe spaces where people can come together, breathe the same air, and play out new ways of understanding each other. We create these spaces and the opportunities for communities to thrive, artists to evolve and audiences to explore, reflect and take action.