Next Gen 2023 – The Future of Food / Art

On 21st February, 2023, Next Gen launched our under 35’s network with an aim to engage and energise the next generation of do-ers, leaders and thinkers, the topics we discussed with our panel were:  

The Future of Food 

With growing pressures across the world due to rising populations, inequality in access to food and ever-changing view on sustainability, the food we eat will and is undergoing major developments in the future. How and where we source these foods from is what we aim to touch on in this topic.  

The Future of Art  

Artists by nature push boundaries and are discovering new way to use technology as a massive form of leverage (ie. AR & VR). Digital technology has allowed art to liberate itself from the physical and transcend boundaries, but how can we be sure that each piece of work is authentic and legitimate. 

Speakers at the event included: Tommasina Meirs, co-founder of Wahaca restaurants, and MasterChef winner; Ben Scott-Robinson, Digital entrepreneur, and co-founder of Small Robot Company; and Kitty Horlick, founder of Blackwood, a web3 consultancy.